District Komiks’ Moving Kitchen is Ready to Bring Great Mediterranean & Filipino Food Straight to You!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re hungry and craving for good food, but you have to drive, go through traffic, wait in line and get frustrated before getting the chance to  eat your scrumptious meal? Well, we feel you – and we want to help you out! A new Archie comics inspired restaurant in Antipolo City just launched their newest service, a moving kitchen in a form of a food minivan which goes around town to serve you the best sandwiches and snacks in the area! That’s right. It doesn’t stay in one place, it actually  drives through  the different parts of Antipolo, in the hopes of feeding more people! Get ready to taste affordable Mediterranean and Filipino food from District Komiks, conveniently and delectably!



The restaurant owners invited us to the launch of their new food initiative last Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at District Komiks. We were told that the minivan was to pass through the many churches in Antipolo City to provide food for people who might be doing their “Simbang Gabi” this Christmas season or are simply hungry.  What was once just a prop used for their catering gigs, is now an actual service van. What a great advance.



The one thing that the owners really want to highlight in this moving kitchen is Antipolo City’s most known delicacy – the cashew nut. After brainstorming about the best way to elevate the product,  Ms. Carolyn and her son, decided to create their own version of the Fried Suman which they now serve in both the restaurant and the minivan. Something that tastes good, and that they are extremely proud of.


This super delicious dessert is made of thick deep fried logs of sticky rice rolled on to mounds of crushed cashew. Yum! It comes in three flavors – mango, sugar glazed, and chocolate – all of which we all enjoyed!

Mango Flavor
Sugar Glazed Flavor
Chocolate Flavor

This is not all, as they also serve sandwiches and drinks in their moving kitchen.

So if you happen to live in Antipolo, look out for the District Komiks Minivan and enjoy a nice snack conveniently. 

Ms. Carol & son – The owners