Open Kitchen Food Park Serves a Variety of Food You’ll Want to Feast On

Food parks have been popping out here and there, and we know; it is a bit of a cliche to talk about another one. However, we don’t want you to miss out on getting to know this newly-built family-run food space that takes pride in two things: Having tons of parking and offering a wide variety of food and drink items – Open Kitchen Food Park!


The park’s main concept comes from the founders’ fascination of  “lutong bahay”, or home cooked food. Thus its name, the Open Kitchen. Unlike most food parks, they don’t just sell big bowls of juice, they also freely sell booze of many kinds. They have a no cuisine repetition policy to ensure that people can can try out food from different parts of the world and not just 1 or 2. Their open under the sky typed atmosphere, live bands, variety of dishes and drinks, really makes them a pretty good place to hangout. If we lived closer to this food park, we’d probably be there more often too! Here’s a peek at some of the dishes that they gave us the chance to try.

Food Cooked from An Open Kitchen

Oji-San Yakitori Bar


Spicy Tuna Roll

3 stars

This dish from the Oji-San Yakitori Bar was actually pretty good. What we like about their roll was that it had a lot of flavors and the rice they used was sticky enough to hold everything together. Our only negative comment though, is that it we don’t think that it was spicy enough to be called a Spicy Tuna Roll. Upon suggesting that the spice level be adjusted, we discussed how maybe they could explore the option of providing spice preference options in the future.


Las Vegas Roll

4.5 stars

One of the best things that we got to try out at the Open Kitchen! We love how the dish had cream cheese and perfect fried imitation crab sticks. The texture was also good as it felt crunchy and smooth at the same time. One of the things we would definitely order again.


Feast from the Sea


Buttered Prawns

1 star

Although we love the idea of seafood in a food park, the dish itself was not very appetizing. Unfortunately, it was no longer fresh when it was served to us so it tasted completely raw and even gave one of us a stomach ache. The serving size was not so good either. There were  2-3 pieces of prawns with rice. Usually when there is only a small amount of prawns served in restaurants, they are peeled. This wasn’t. The rice was old and hard. Nothing in the dish seemed to be okay. If we could give this a rating below one, we probably would. However, on the plus side, upon speaking to their management about this, they immediately took action to compensate the bad food. This says a lot about the food parks good customer service.


NYNF (Not Your Ordinary Nachos & Fries)



4 stars

We enjoyed their nachos! We’re giving this four stars because of how perfectly crunchy the texture of their chips were. Also, it doesn’t turn soggy even after being soaked in cheese for a pretty long time. We liked the generous  amount of toppings they gave!



4 stars

We are not easily impressed by fries, but we think we’ve spotted a pretty good one! NYNF’s version of this potato fave is indeed something we’d come back for. It has a similar taste to McDonald’s seasonal Twister Fries! If you suddenly crave for this and it isnt in season yet, just drop by the Open Kitchen to get a similar satisfying taste.It was not oily and it had a light crunch with a mild salty taste which we loved.


Wings Section


Salted Egg Wings

4.5 stars

Salted Egg has been widely popular this year, which is why seeing it made into any kind of food makes us excited! Our verdict for salted egg + chicken? An almost perfect score! We enjoyed how the chicken was fried to perfection. Aside from that, the salted egg powder they used did not overpower the natural chicken taste, nor did it fall off like powder. It stuck well. More reasons to enjoy salted egg on different kinds of food.



3 stars

When eating Wagyu, we’re always after that “melts in your mouth” feeling. The Wagyu sold in Open Kitchen had a very delicious taste, but we’re giving it only three stars because it doesn’t really melt in the mouth and we found the cubes to be pretty small.


The Juice Joint


Blue Lemonade

5 stars

One word – refreshing! What we liked about their version of blue lemonade is how the sour and sweet taste was mixed too perfection. Neither of the 2 overpowered the other. Aside from that, they serve their juices in huge cups with a buy one take one promo! So worth it.


Cucumber Juice

4 stars

This drink is another thing that we’ll probably come back for in Open Kitchen! The cucumber taste was strong but because of the hints of sweetness in every sip, it was great! We enjoyed how refreshing it tasted.


Jompy’s House of Pasta



4.5 stars

A classy pasta dish in a food park? You won’t believe it, but Open Kitchen has it! What we love about their Scampi is the fresh shrimps they’ve mixed into the dish. Despite its simplicity, you’ll be craving for it’s seafood flavor because to us, it was cooked to perfection.


Takopop Authentic Takoyaki



5 stars

One of the booming food crazes nowadays are Takoyaki balls.  Takopop did not disappoint! What we loved about their Takoyaki was how they used real octopus inside each ball. It came with  a generous amount of japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes! Yum! They also serve it hot and fresh, which made us enjoy every bite! Their service was great too! Very friendly and accommodating. Our number 1 dish for the night when we visited Open Kitchen.


Cantonese Dimsum House


Sizzling Spareribs

1 star

Spareribs sizzling on a plate is definitely eye candy! However, we didn’t enjoy the dish so much as after a few minutes, tons of oil started coming out of the pork. It was, for the lack of a better term, a little disgusting. We also didn’t fancy the corn and meat combo. If they wanna serve a sizzling dish with a side, maybe they can place the side in a different container. Also, they have to do something about the oil problem.


Waffee Waffle and Ice Cream Bar


Bubble Waffles

3 stars

If you’re looking for a good dessert after your heavy meal, Waffee’s Bubble Waffles would be a perfect pick! The waffles were great. We enjoyed every isingle bite. Our only negative comment though is that the ice cream on top melted so fast  due to the heat from the waffle. Maybe they could change their ice cream into something with better consistency and stand for heat.


Holic Bar


Matcha Milk Drink

4 stars

What we love about this drink is its authentically bitter matcha taste. Its mixture with the sweet milky concoction really made the flavor stand out. We love how it was served to us in a wine glass because it made the drink look classy, expensive and appetizing. Yum!


Ginger Concoction

3 stars

A very interesting take on the Filipino salabat! We’re not huge fans of ginger-based drinks, but for you salabat lovers; you might just enjoy this. What makes it unique is that it is served cold. The ginger really gave off a strong taste and a bit of minty flavor as well. Some might find it  refreshing too.

Beary Brew


Hazelnut Frappe

4.5 stars

We’re not huge fans of chocolate-based drinks, but this Hazelnut Frappe definitely got us – we couldn’t stop sipping! We loved the mixture of the chocolate and mocha taste in the drink. The thickness of the drink was just right. A nice order to cool down after a good meal.




Cuban Sandwich

4.5 stars

Guevara’s version of the Cuban Sandwich is definitely a winner! Aside from the generous serving which comes with banana chip sides, what we enjoyed is its flavor. The chicken blended well with the vegetables and the bread has a very full texture when you take a bite.


Future Business Plans

With their growing customers and unique food stalls, Open Kitchen is set to put up more of their branches. Their next stop? Sheridan Street in Mandaluyong! And guess what? It’s the first Open Kitchen to be put up inside a building! Ortigas people, rejoice!


So the next time you feel like chilling with lots of food, drinks, friends, and music – just head on over to any of Open Kitchen’s branches to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy a great night with great food! As for us, we’re still craving for those Takoyaki balls and Fries! We will definitely come back soon!

Open Kitchen Food Park

Contact: 0917 834 2446

Business Hours: 4:00PM – 12:00MN



  • 34-36 P. TUAZON Boulevard, Brgy. Kaunlaran, Cubao, Quezon City
  • 61 Congressional Ave. Extension, Quezon City