Cafe Dominique – Where Food Meets Happiness

If you can’t wake up early enough to try out the 199 PHP breakfast buffet at Cafe Dominique, well don’t worry cause they do still serve good food, which you can order, from day to night! Here’s a look at our dining experience, as well as the family centered background of the cafe.

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A Passion for Family and Food

Two architects that love both food and each other, used to constantly search for a nice place where they could get their big families together, without having to spend so much. Since no venue seemed to be a perfect fit for what they wanted, they stopped hopelessly looking, and decided to just build one for themselves. They created and built a beautiful cafe, and named it after their daughter, Dominique. With age-old family recipes, passed down from their mothers, they crafted multiple dishes, while making sure not to compromise the quality. They continuously take into consideration the comments from critics and customers, and according to their marketing head, Nikole, what they add and remove from their menu, depends on the how the customers react to the dishes. Everything about the cafe has the owner’s family and friends written all over it. Now, they can celebrate special occasions in the place they built themselves.

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Cafe Dominique’s Soon-To-Be Bestsellers

Some of the cafe’s best sellers include Filipino favorites with a twist like Kare-Kareng Bagnet, Pesto-Crusted Bangus, Crispy Sisig, and Salpicao. Now, we tried out dishes that don’t fall under this list, and here’s what we thought about each.

Creamy Four Cheese Pizza

Rating: 4 stars

Price: 320 PHP

This was perfectly crisp and cheesy. Nothing about the pizza was too much or too little. We liked that it had garlic and that it didn’t feel like we were getting tired of eating it. The arugula on top was great, not just for the presentation, but also for the flavor, as it made the pizza taste somewhat refreshing. From 2 pizza lovers, we can honestly say that we enjoyed eating this very much.

Spinach and Cheese Fondue

Rating: 3.5 star rating

Price: 210 PHP

Even if not too many people like the spinach and cheese combination, as it can never give someone a huge burst of wowing flavors, we found this to be pretty good. Their dip was creamy and somewhat milky. We also found the bread to be flavorful. Unfortunately, it was not fresh out of the oven, so it was a little chewy as opposed to being more crisp.

Chicken and Fries

Rating:3.5 star rating

Price: 170 PHP

Sounds simple right? But what made their chicken and fries standout was not the meat and potatoes per se. It was actually their variety of sauces, of which our favorite was the maple syrup. Who would have thought that maple syrup would go so well with chicken? Negative comments? Just that they should change the name of the dish to Chicken and Wedges as opposed to Chicken and Fries as the potatoes were too big to be fries.

Seafood Marinara

Rating: 5 stars

Price: 360 PHP

What we enjoyed about this pasta dish was it’s balance. The right amount of that simple tomato-based taste and seafood. The clams and scallops were so fresh. The bread was crunchy enough and went well with the soft pasta noodles.

Roast Beef with X.O. Sauce

Rating: 3.5 star rating

Price: 295 PHP

We just wanna start by talking about the mashed potatoes on this dish. It was surprisingly smokey. Something different. We liked how it wasn’t completely mushed, and yet, it was enjoyable. We wish there was more of it though.

As for the roast beef itself, the meat was very soft and tender. Nothing out of the ordinary, but nonetheless, yummy.

Philly Cheese Steak

Rating:  4 stars

Price: 260 PHP

The bread was crunchy and soft at the same time. The filling was also overflowing with nicely-colored vegetables which made the dish look a whole lot more appetizing. It was very flavorful, but we’re giving it a 4 because of how challenging it was to eat the sandwich. Everything kept falling apart every time we lifted it.

Cafe Dominique is perfect for family meals and chilling with friends. The simple but beautiful interior that goes with good food and service is sure to make you, and all the people you’re with, happy. Cafe Dominique. Where food meets happiness.

Cafe Dominique

Opens 11AM and Closes 10PM

Contact: +63 9064056188

Facebook and Instagram: @CafeDominique

Address: 42 Examiner St., West Triangle, Quezon City