The South Grill – Great Food, Good Times

Just when we thought that the food in the south could not get any better, we stumbled upon a nice and chill restaurant in BF Homes, that seriously challenged this mindset. Daily jam sessions, great deals and to top it all off, really good food. This is the kind of place we would have to say is so worth taking the long north to south drive for. Let us tell you about this little restaurant called The South Grill.

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How It All Started

It all began with celebrity Lotlot de Leon and her fiance Fred Rahal’s idea, to fuse authentic Filipino recipes with the Lebanese taste preference. They wanted their individual cultures and stories to be merged and presented on plates filled with great food, worthy enough to be shared with the entire world. Since the two wanted more involvement from others, they tapped their close friend, Atty. Ira Pozon, to help them make their dream come true. As a group, they were dynamic and highly critical when it came to coming up with concepts, logos, recipes and more. When everything was all set and done, their ideas no longer remained to be just that.  The South Grill, the product of their love and hard work, was finally opened.

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The Owners’ Favorite

The owners are very hands on. In fact, you can always see them in their beloved restaurant, eating their favorite dishes or drinking some beers together. If you’re lucky, you might even catch them singing during their open mic sessions. In the words of Mr. Fred Rahal, when we asked why the owners decided to be ever present in The South Grill, “It doesn’t feel like work when your own business also happens to be your favorite restaurant. We make sure that the food tastes good because we would like to eat it. And well… we always do. Great Food, Good Times. That is our saying here”

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With that, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s what we thought of each dish that we were given the chance to try out:

The “Great Food” in “Great Food, Good Times”

Mozzarella Squares

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Price: 320 PHP

If you’ve ever tasted the Mozzarella Sticks from Friday’s, you’ll be surprised to know that the ones offered in the South Grill taste pretty much the same! What’s the difference? Bigger serving size and a slightly different texture! It is served with 2 sauces – garlic aioli and marinara. Between the two, we preferred the garlic aioli with this dish as it really gave a burst of flavors in our mouths. Each “square” was jam packed with filling, enough to make a really good looking cheese pull when split. The only suggestion that we have for this, is to call it Mozzarella Balls instead of Squares, as it does look more like the former.

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Photo by @TheSouthGrill

Grilled Steak

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Price: 1,095 PHP

We like our steak medium rare, so that’s what we requested for. We were happy to see that it was cooked exactly at that. When we first saw the steak we were immediately overjoyed as it was much bigger than we expected it to be. When we sliced into it, we found it so easy to cut through the meat. It was really tender. This dish was seasoned so well and was also very juicy. This would have been a perfect 5 for us, if only the tiny portion near the fat of the steak was not raw. Regardless, the flavor was really there!

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Photo by @TheSouthGrill


4.5 stars.png

Price: 380 PHP

The South Grill’s version of this Filipino pulutan is actually an original recipe of Lotlot. What we loved about this dish was how it tasted home-made and was seasoned to perfection. We liked the generous serving size as it is probably big enough to share with your amigos and amigas when you decide to have a beer night here. A huge plus for how spicy it was. We enjoyed this dish with the garlic rice as it provided a nice balance of flavors.


Cookie Ala Mode

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Price: 290 PHP

Giant cookie and ice cream anyone? What we first noticed upon biting into this dish was that the whole dessert had a very balanced taste. The cookie was very chewy and the chocolate chips definitely melted in our mouths. Mixing hot and cold always keeps dishes and drinks interesting. Our only comment for this is that the ice cream melted really fast because of the hot cookie. Maybe the ice cream scoop can be placed on the dish upon serving it to the customers so that it doesn’t melt on its way to the table. 

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Beers Below Zero

5 stars

Price: 59 PHP to 180 PHP

Cold beer on pretty much any night always sounds good to us! At The South Grill, all their beers are served below zero and at a pretty good price! Watch our for their promos online. Really great deals!

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Photo by @TheSouthGrill

The ‘Good Times’ in ‘Great Food, Good Times’

The South Grill is more than just a place where people can pig out on delicious food and drinks as the management really takes a look at everyones dining experience as a whole. They always go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are entertained and satisfied. Whether it be through organizing events or surprising everyone with discounts, they always seem to be on top of their game.

A place that we’ll definitely come back to the South for. Great food and really chill atmosphere. If you’re in the area, looking for a new place to try out, visit The South Grill! We promise that you wont regret it. 

The South Grill

Address: 220 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Hours: 4:00PM to 2:00AM

Contact Number: 09152202384

Facebook: @TheSouthGrill

Instagram: @TheSouthGrill