Bistro Ravioli Serves Italian Dishes Worth Coming Back For

Great food and wonderful service. That’s the lasting impression that Bistro Ravioli left on us.

The Beginning

When the owners traveled abroad, they noticed that almost everywhere they ate, restaurants had fresh pasta on their menu. Upon returning to Manila however, they realized that it was not the same, as most establishments in the country seemed to be using dry pasta. Maybe it’s because by doing so, food can be served faster. After being back for a while, they eventually missed having fresh pasta at almost every corner of the street, which led them to finding a gap that they wanted to address. This then sparked the idea of putting up Bistro Ravioli.


This restaurant uses age-old traditional Italian fresh pasta recipes, which allows the food to be more sublime and flavorful as compared to using dry pasta recipes. This is something that we can attest to, as we were given the chance to try a good number of products on their menu, all of which, we really enjoyed.

Bistro Ravioli Flat Lay

Here’s what we thought of every dish:

What Italian Fusion Tastes Like

Pizza Frita

4 stars

What we liked about the Pizza Frita was how thick and crisp we found the bread to be.  It came with 2 dips, one of which had a cheesy, salty, sweet flavor and the other had a strong tomato kick. Both went really well with the choice of bread.


Diablo Wings

4.5 stars

We also got the chance to try out Bistro Ravioli’s diablo wings. Despite our high expectations for this dish, we were not disappointed. Good serving size and taste. It was just as spicy as we wanted it to be. Not too much that we wouldn’t be able to taste the dish, nor was it too little that the wings wouldn’t be able to live up to its name. Not a fan of spicy? No problem. Just tell their friendly waiters that you’d like to have the spice level of your wings adjusted upon placing your orders, and they’ll do so accordingly. The dish comes with a watery garlic ranch sauce which aside from being yummy, also helps tone down the spice level.


Chicken Pesto Spaghetti

3.5 star rating

The highlight of this dish was definitely the grilled chicken on top of the pasta. It was smoky and simple. We literally enjoyed every bite of it. The pasta, however, was a bit bland, but luckily, it gave off a strong pesto aftertaste. This dish was paired with a grilled focaccia bread, and although it went well with the pasta, it was very ordinary too.


Spinach and Fetta Cheese Ravioli

4.5 stars

We loved this. Since the dish carried the name of the establishment, we really wanted it to taste amazing. Now, when we took our first bite, we felt a sense of satisfaction. The hand pulled pasta was so soft and the filling was so thin and even. The spinach blended well with the tomato sauce and the nice thing about the dish is that we didn’t feel like we were getting tired of it, even after eating all of it. The only suggestion that we have to improve this dish would be to place the pesto in a separate container, or to have it plated differently as it almost looked like blobs on our dish. Nonetheless, this one really is a must try.


Italian Sausage and Bacon Pizza

3.5 star rating

Their pizza was very flavorful. It had homemade Italian sausages on top, which we really enjoyed. The crust was crispy and being the spicy lovers that we are, we enjoyed it with hot sauce too. If you like pizzas with tons of toppings, this might be perfect for you.


Creme Brûlée

3 stars

We found the custard of this dish to be so perfect as it had the right amount of sweetness and good soft texture. However, the sugar on top was very burnt at the center, leaving it to taste bitter. Their Creme Brûlées are placed in jars, which is not where most establishments choose to have it. This is because it would make it easier for customers to take it to go. This may be a good or bad thing, depending on what you prioritize as a customer.

Overall, we think that we would really come back to Glorietta 3 for this place, and maybe even bring our family members along so that they can enjoy the food that we surely did. Bistro Ravioli. An Italian restaurant that serves dishes worth coming back for.


Bistro Ravioli

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